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Father’s Day 2015

Posted by on June 19, 2015

scan0001No longer fierce nor proud
Or swaying over some sentimental song
Your long labors behind you now
The dreams, the shifts, the hours
Could not help you express your truths
Even to those who loved you.
Speak to me now as you couldn’t then
No longer seeking your approval
But wishing it still
Tell me now that I can better listen
Race me once again across that field
Or pretend that my fastball hurts your hand
While in my reverie I celebrate you
These many years away
Able to see what I couldn’t see
Able to feel what I couldn’t feel
Able, most days, to look myself in the eye
As you advised
And in that mirror only to find you still.

One Response to Father’s Day 2015

  1. collie

    Poignant and heartwarming, sweetly expressed; I really like this, Dennis.

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