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On the stream

Posted by on November 20, 2013

There is a river that flows out of the wilderness

Cut deep through rock cliff

Graveled broadly from the shore

And I long to stand in it

To wade and cast my line and know that my life is complete

Cast in the comfort of the loves that I have known

In those who have loved me

In my many blessings

Glancing quickly at the water to see my own reflection

Dancing there in the stream

Drifting into deep pools

Feeling the water rushing past

And knowing

That I am complete

That this mystery was never meant to be solved

That this hour is a blessing, as is every hour

And this river is but one of many

For which I must be grateful.

To know that my solitude

Is nothing more than an illusion

To feel my heart

At once both full and empty

To hear a soft splash

And, looking up,

To see you there

Just upstream

Holding my gaze

With your smile.

One Response to On the stream

  1. eileen

    This is just beautiful.

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