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Monthly Archives: November 2014


/>My lifelong friend, Thom Nulty, passed away last night. He died in an airport. Boarding a plane. Fitting. In the mid-60s, after we had both gotten out of the service, Thom and I headed to Palm Springs to enjoy the annual ritual of Spring Break. We barely had enough money to gas up his corvette, … Continue reading »

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Promoting Moral Growth

It was the summer of 1985 and Cambridge, Mass., was muggy. I was living in an old Radcliffe dorm room, smaller than my first few cars. Single bed, small desk, and a giant fan which I pointed directly at the bed at night. I was there to work in a summer program under Lawrence Kohlberg, … Continue reading »

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Life is but a dream…

When I was in the 4th grade at St. Joan of Arc school, the Sister who taught me (her name long gone) wrote on my report card, “Dennis is a very bright young man, but he is a dreamer.” Both my parents and I would have felt a bit better about it if she had … Continue reading »

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Leaving HVS

  The notice came on a Saturday morning, June 2004. “You have one week to vacate your office and one month to vacate your house.” After 27 years at Happy Valley School, my tenure as Director was to end. I was the only person ever to occupy that office, built in 1979. By the late … Continue reading »

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She moved with her own kind of logic

          He aspired to architecture Because he loved the structure of things But instead became a butcher Carving life down to gristle and bone.   She had no choice but to pursue Interior design For every room she entered Was transformed.  

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