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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Of love and flyfishing

There is no hint from my distant past that would make me a fly fisherman. I never fished with my Dad and he only fished when he and a few pals made their annual trip to the Klamath River, far in Northern California, perhaps more drinking and male bonding than fishing. Once or twice I … Continue reading »

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In Clover fields

In the green and sandy days of ago, when the clothes were hand-me-downs and no jeans had knees, we rode (yes, helmetless) with the wind in our hair, sometimes without working brakes, through the streets and alleys and vacant lots of the west side of LA, not knowing that it would end. On the sandlot … Continue reading »

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Because I had served as a medic (SAC 452nd Medical Aero-Vac), when I came out of the service in ’67 I was hired as an orderly at Santa Monica Hospital in the Emergency Room. At that time, SM ER served all of the west side of LA. I had no idea what I was in … Continue reading »

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Lessons Learned: the uncorked truth.

In the middle of my senior year in High school, 1963, my pal Tim McGee helped me score a job working for Pearson’s Brentwood, the premier wine cellar of the Westside. Located on the corner of 26th and San Vicente, just across from the Brentwood Mart, Pearson’s was not the usual liquor store. First of … Continue reading »

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