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As I move about the garden, about the house, about my various chores, I often sing to myself. I am not one of those who you will catch at a stoplight singing to the radio…at least not often. It is more like I wake up in the morning with some tune in my head and … Continue reading »

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As the trash was put out and the patio put back together post wind, Doc and I set out for a walk along Shelf Road. There were no other cars at the trailhead and we had the road to ourselves. I pulled my hat as far down as I could manage and set out. As … Continue reading »

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All the World’s a Screen…

I don’t get out much these days…I mean out of Ojai. I do leave the house each morning to hike the local trails with Doc, but most of my outings are to the local market or the local golf course, or to visit local friends…perhaps a Sunday walk at the lake or the beach. I … Continue reading »

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I am not Charlie

After mulling it over for awhile, I have concluded that I am not Charlie. Part of me, that part which is outraged at senseless killings and barbaric behavior, would like to get a t-shirt and stand with my friends in defense of free speech , but the part of me that raised children and taught … Continue reading »

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I have learned to love words. When I was growing up, my parents always had a few copies of the Reader’s Digest stacked on an end table. They were conveniently stacked right next to the only heating vent, so they served as ready entertainment when we came in from the cold to warm up. (Well, … Continue reading »

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Like Dylan Thomas, I rose on my birthday morning, walked a trail along the hills above Ojai, and sat looking over this valley full of memories. 69 is a momentous birthday, along with 19, 29, 39, etc. At 19, it dawns on us that we are at the end of our teenage years. At 29, … Continue reading »

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My friends are moving from a large house to a smaller condo. They have recently made the difficult decision to dump the walls of books that they have accumulated over the years. I encouraged them to do so, despite any attachment they might feel. I have weaned myself from books several times in my life. … Continue reading »

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To blog or not to blog…

  I have not posted on this blog for awhile now. While I occasionally have begun to frame a piece, I have not gotten around to the writing. It seems that I get caught between the urge to get it all down and the wish to let it all go. And if I must write, … Continue reading »

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Snake aversion

We put our golden retriever, Doc, through rattlesnake aversion therapy a couple of weeks back. Not generally a fan of that sort of thing, it is necessary if one is to hike our local hills. In the morning and evenings especially, snakes are on the move. In our HVS days, we would have years of … Continue reading »

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And then it rained…

  One of the most delightful scents that I know is that of chaparral after a rain. It is no surprise to anyone that California has been going through a drought…something that happens every decade or so. (While the average annual rainfall for Ojai is supposed to be 16 inches that just means that some … Continue reading »

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