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As the trash was put out and the patio put back together post wind, Doc and I set out for a walk along Shelf Road. There were no other cars at the trailhead and we had the road to ourselves. I pulled my hat as far down as I could manage and set out. As … Continue reading »

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Two households, both alike in dignity In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…

Ah, Italy…the birthplace of graffiti…and one is constantly reminded as your train lumbers into or out of any station. Verona is no exception. Coming from the otherworldly, other-age Venice, it is a shock to see modern buildings and roads and cars. But being intrepid travelers we drag our wheeled carry-ons a mile or so through … Continue reading »

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Most mornings find me with our dog, Doc, hiking one trail or another in the hills around Ojai. Of course I do it to get Doc out, but I also do it to fight off the inevitable side effects of aging. Yet, walking is a reflective exercise, for the most part, particularly when walking alone. … Continue reading »

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Father’s Day 2015

No longer fierce nor proud Or swaying over some sentimental song Your long labors behind you now The dreams, the shifts, the hours Could not help you express your truths Even to those who loved you. Speak to me now as you couldn’t then No longer seeking your approval But wishing it still Tell me … Continue reading »

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Somehow it has all come down to this

Long dog walks in the mornings The garden in early light Memories that rise and fall like June fog along the coast A finch at the feeder, now two An unknown rustling in the nearby grass Earth running through fingers as I engage the hopeful art of planting A circling red-tail casting its shadow on … Continue reading »

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March Air Force Base, June 1965

The call came late in the afternoon, that time of day when it is nearly impossible to see oncoming cars or animals or, in this case a small girl on a bike. Her mother had been having a smoke with a friend, talking about the new teacher, about moving back to Waco when his discharge … Continue reading »

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My father, more or less

My father did not speak to me Or if he did I could not hear him. He was not silent, but he did not readily share What it was to be a man. Except this: “When you look in the mirror to shave, Always live your life So you can look yourself in the eye.” … Continue reading »

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Coney Island of the Mind

Smack-dab in the middle of LA, late 50’s, early 60’s, Pershing Square sat triumphantly as the gathering place for all those living on the edge of society. Sure, you could get a taste of it in Venice, which was still some years from becoming a caricature of itself, but Pershing Square was the heavyweight championship … Continue reading »

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Like my writing, which comes forth in fragments, my house is full of minor mementos: objects, many having little or no value elsewhere, but each having achieved some significance for me or for Meredy. I do not always understand the significance of her seeming junk, nor she mine, so we each have to be careful … Continue reading »

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All the World’s a Screen…

I don’t get out much these days…I mean out of Ojai. I do leave the house each morning to hike the local trails with Doc, but most of my outings are to the local market or the local golf course, or to visit local friends…perhaps a Sunday walk at the lake or the beach. I … Continue reading »

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